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Waiting Until Age 50 for Mammograms Is Too Late—Especially for Black Women

Canada’s national breast cancer screening guidelines advise waiting until age 50 for regular mammograms. But many experts, researchers and patients say this approach is too little, too late—especially for Black women.

Why Is It a Challenge for Women to Get Flat Closure After Mastectomy?

More and more women are choosing flat closure after mastectomy to avoid the additional risks and complications of breast reconstruction...

How to Do a Self Breast Exam

Along with routine screenings, frequent at-home examinations are the key to knowing your norm and catching any concerning changes.

Jeanne Beker on Finding Community and Support Through Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis

"It's such a wonderful feeling to know that you've got so many hands to hold."

What Doctors Want You to Know About Breast Cancer

A guide to everything you need to know about breast cancer, including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

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22 Myths Gynecologists Want You to Ignore

Gynecologists reveal common myths about fertility, pregnancy, breast cancer, and other women's health issues they hear all the time.

Do Hair Dyes and Straighteners Cause Breast Cancer?

Some studies have suggested that hair straighteners or hair dye is linked to breast cancer risk, but others have not...

8 Household Products That May Be Linked to Breast Cancer

Everyday products aren’t considered as big a problem as other risk factors when it comes to breast cancer, but some...

Preventative Mastectomy: These Are the Only Women Who Should Consider It

Some women at high risk of developing breast cancer are choosing to get preventative mastectomies. Here, a doctor reveals who...

8 Reasons to Request an Earlier Mammogram

Experts recommend you start mammograms at 45 or 50; however, there are some factors that may make you want to...

10 Stars Who’ve Inspired Us With Their Strength In Dealing With Breast Cancer

Breast cancer doesn't discriminate – women from all walks of life can be at risk. These celebrities gave honest insight...

Better Health After Breast Cancer: How Samantha Harris Changed Her Life

To live your healthiest healthy may take patience, but this breast cancer survivor shares the tools needed to make it...

‘I Needed to Grieve the Loss of My Breasts’

Nikki Leigh McKean chose not to have breast reconstruction after a double mastectomy. Here, she shares her thoughts on being...

10 Reasons Summer Camp is Even Better as an Adult

Summer camp isn't just for kids. Experience the best parts of camp, but this time as an adult. 

These Breast Cancer Advancements Will Forever Change How You Fight This Disease

Here are 10 advances that will make your journey a little smoother.

Why This Star Felt It Was Her Duty to Talk About Her Health

The actress describes the moment her "activism came out."

10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Doctor

Next time you have a physical, arm yourself with this checklist of questions.

How Your Diet May Help Lower Your Risk For Breast Cancer

Does what you eat – or not eat – affect your risk of developing breast cancer?

Breast Cancer Diet: Exactly What To Eat When Getting Treatment 

Knowing what to eat is challenging when undergoing treatment, but here's how you can get the most benefits from creating...

5 Pink Items That Support Breast Cancer We Actually Love

Not all charity purchases are cute. But these are. And the sale of each one goes toward one of our...

All Your Questions About Breast Cancer, Answered

What do you need to know about breast cancer? Lots. Thankfully we have what you need to know after your...

Stop Believing The BS – 10 Cancer Myths Busted

Sugar, sunscreen and cellphones, oh my. It’s time to clear up a few misconceptions and cancer myths that are going...

Is Cancer Funny? Lana Schwarcz Is Touring Canada To Prove It Is

You might not think so. But Australian comedienne Lana Schwarcz's stand-up is showing Canadians they can laugh about cancer. Here's...

Former Bachelor Contestant Lesley Murphy Gets Breast Reconstructive Surgery Post-Double Mastectomy

With a strong risk for developing breast cancer, Bachelor alum Lesley Murphy took the initiative with surgery to lower her...

13 Things You Need To Know About Your Breasts

Read up on what’s normal and not for your breasts, along with how to keep them healthy and cancer-free.

5 Common Misconceptions about Post-Mastectomy Breast Forms

A breast cancer diagnosis, and the subsequent treatment, is anything but comfortable. Here’s how to make your post-mastectomy bra fitting...

DIY Breast Reconstruction? This Revolutionary Device Is Making It Possible

This new device will change the lives of many breast cancer survivors.

A Cancer Survivor’s Guide To Feeling Beautiful

This ain't no fairy tale: sometimes you have to lose your boobs to gain your life.

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Bold Brows and Big Dreams: Benefit Gives Back with its Bold is Beautiful Project

This May, visit a Benefit Brow Bar and help support a Canadian charity like Look Good Feel Better or Habitat...

22 Cancer-Fighting Foods You Should Eat Often

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, eating well is a key weapon in the fight against cancer. Arm yourself with...

Breast Cancer: What If You Did Nothing

Why some women with early-stage breast cancer choose to do nothing