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Prone to Bruises? Here’s How this Daisy Doppelgänger Can Help You Heal

Arnica montana is a plant that's been used for medicinal purposes for five centuries—but many of us still don’t know anything about it. Here's how it can help reduce swelling, bruises and more.

The Allure of Romance Novels in 2023

Sexy romance books are all over TikTok, which has led to a surge in demand for such spicy reads. Here's...

Inside the Apartment Where Researchers Study How to Age in Place

Get a tour of the "home within a lab," where new products to help keep seniors safe—like cameras, motion sensors...

A Former Mayor-Turned-Doctor on Second Careers and Being a Lifelong Learner

Karina Pillay on going to medical school mid-life and becoming a family doctor after leading her small town through a...

Wondering Why You’re Spotting? A Doctor Weighs In

Often, your doctor will tell you it's "normal"—here's why.

3 Women Tell Us What Happened When They Had a Stroke

Here are the warning signs and prevention tips they wish more people knew about.

4 Smart Ways Women Can Take Charge of Their Health

Hint: Your diet and supplements can work wonders.

The Right Antidepressant for You, According to a Clinical Pharmacist

We tapped an expert to help us examine the pros and cons of seven often-prescribed antidepressants.

I Tried the Trendy Pretzel Dip Sex Move—Here’s What Happened

It was intimate, it was raunchy, it was delicious.

Why Everyone’s Playing Pickleball Right Now

One million Canadians play pickleball every single month. Here's what's behind the sudden popularity—and how to get started.

Mouth Taping: What Is It, and Is It Actually Worth It? 

We wondered why some people are taping their mouths shut at night, and whether mouth breathing is really all that...

A Field Guide to Your Vaginal Microbiome

And to the many interrelated microorganisms inside that can affect your overall health. Come on in, the water is...self-cleaning and...

What’s With All the Vaginal Creams, Wipes and Gummies?

We asked Laura Sycuro and Deborah Money—a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of British Columbia and the...

What Can At-Home DIY Test Kits Tell Us About Our Vaginas?

We asked two experts if they're worth adding-to-cart.

When Was the Last Time You Donated Blood?

Canadians talk a big game about the value of donating blood—60 percent of us said it was important to do—but...

How One Woman Connects to Her Culture Through Gardening

Ronke Edoho grows ingredients at her home in Saskatoon that are hard to source in Canada but are essential to...

The Unique Way This Female Fitness Instructor Uses Movement and Compassion to Support Women

The common threads in Caroline MacGillivray's approach to health and happiness? Connection, human touch and helping others feel beautiful and...

I Joined the Navy Reserves at 51

After a tough divorce, I needed a new career. So I bought new running shoes, got two giant bags of...

I’m 43, I’ve Been in Long-Term Relationships and I’m a Virgin By Choice

In her new book Halal Sex, Sheima Benembarek shares personal stories of Muslim immigrants and their relationships to sex and sexuality. In...

This Tech Pro Says AI Is Ready to Revolutionize Our Health Care in Canada

Tech strategist Azra Dhalla shares how artificial intelligence can improve Canada’s health care system.

Why Does My Partner Only Touch Me When They Want Sex?

Experts share three ways to change that.

Waiting Until Age 50 for Mammograms Is Too Late—Especially for Black Women

Canada’s national breast cancer screening guidelines advise waiting until age 50 for regular mammograms. But many experts, researchers and patients...

What You Need to Know About How Menopause and Perimenopause Affect Women

Fact: We’re not talking enough about perimenopause and menopause. Always Discreet and Always want to help prepare you for this...

How to Unfreeze Painful Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a common and painful condition. Luckily, there are easy stretches that you can try to ease your...

“I’m Waiting for a Kidney Transplant. Again.”

June Jones has lived more than half her life with kidney disease.

Everything You Don’t Know About Kidney Disease (But Should)

One in 10 Canadians has kidney disease––and not all of them know it yet

This Is How I Carry on After My Husband’s Terminal ALS Diagnosis

Kelsie Snow on clinical trials, terminal diagnoses, holding onto hope and going public with her husband’s devastating ALS diagnosis at...

Erectile Dysfunction—A Warning for Your Health

Half of Canadian men aged 40 to 70 are affected by erectile dysfunction yet most don’t know this common condition...

Why I’m Trading Dry January for “Damp” 2023

Given Canada’s new health guidelines, cutting back on alcohol is more important than ever. Here’s how I’m moderating my alcohol...

Pilates Isn’t Only Good for Your Physical Health—But Your Cognitive Health, Too

The cross-lateral movements in Pilates require mindfulness, making them good for the brain.

How Mental Illness Shapes Our Identities

New Yorker writer Rachel Aviv talks to us about being hospitalized for an eating disorder at age 6, and about...