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Here’s where you can discover the healthiest snacks to buy, the kitchen gadgets you’re seriously underusing and microwave hacks that’ll make you better in the kitchen.

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Trying to Drink Less? 10 Non-Alcoholic Beers You Need on Your Radar

These are the best non-alcoholic beers in Canada, which taste arguably better than the real thing.

Do Healthy Chips Exist? A Dietitian Weighs In on Our Favourite “Healthy” Snacks

The grocery store snack aisle has plenty of options claiming healthful benefits. (Organic! Made with olive oil! Zero percent bad...

These Canadian Energy Bars Taste Yummy and Are Eco-Friendly, Too

Yes, snacking can be good for you and the earth.

Your Easy Guide to Coffee Ecolabels for a Sustainable Cup of Joe

We've defined a few common ecolabels and rounded up five of our favourite sustainable coffee brands available in Canada.

Bonnie Stern Tells Us About Her New Cookbook, “Don’t Worry, Just Cook”

Canadian culinary icon Bonnie Stern and her daughter Anna Rupert talk to Best Health about the duo's new cookbook, Don’t...

You’re Seriously Underusing Your Rice Cooker

You can make more than just rice in your trusty ol’electric cooker.

12 Healthy Recipes to Make With Your Turkey Leftovers

Forget solely reheating leftovers from the feast. Take those turkey leftovers up a notch with these easy recipes.

9 Healthy Crunchy Snacks to Keep On-Hand

Looking for healthy nibbles that pack a good crunch? From popcorn to cereal, these goodies will do the trick.

Pro Tips for Packing Healthy, Fresh and Satisfying Lunches

In this excerpt from Lunchbox, author Aviva Wittenberg shares how to create and pack healthy lunches you and your family...

This Hand Blender Makes It Easy to Whip Up Smoothies, Soups, Sauces and So Much More

A handheld immersion blender is compact, easy to clean and does so much more than emulsify soups and...

This Toaster Oven Will Make You a Better Cook

This fool-proof gadget will help both cooking newbies and pros bake, roast, fry, reheat and, of course, toast...

3 Easy Ways to Be Healthier in the Kitchen, According to Science

Could your pantry affect your health? Are you cleaning your kitchen right? Here are science-backed ways to be smarter in...

5 Cookbook Authors Share Tips for Getting Out of a Cooking Rut

Even the pros find themselves unsure in the kitchen sometimes.

Why You May Want to Add Fennel to Your Veggie Rotation

Fennel’s seeds, leaves and bulb are all packed with flavour and good-for-you compounds.

8 Healthy Plant-Based Snacks You’ll Actually Want to Eat

Snacking can be a good thing when done wisely. Find out what's in a wholesome, plant-based snack, then try these...

The 10 Healthiest Cooking Oils, According to Food Experts

Experts reveal the best cooking oils for your health.

What You Really Need to Know About Carbohydrates, According to a Registered Dietitian

Healthy ways to reduce your carb intake without swearing off your favourite foods.

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Healthy Store-Bought Snacks to Keep On-Hand When Working From Home

These packaged bars, bites, mixes, and other treats are made with healthy ingredients (like coconut oil, almond butter, dark chocolate,...

Smoothies, Simplified.

How I stock my freezer for smoothies in 5 mins or less.

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Keep Healthy in the Winter With Nutritious Family-Friendly Foods

Now more than ever, it’s important to keep our immune system as healthy as possible—and eating nutrient-rich foods can help.

How Online Grocery Shopping Can Help You Stay Productive in 2022

Setting health and wellness goals for the new year? Walmart Canada’s Online Grocery Service is a convenient and timesaving tool...

Two Canadian Pastry Chefs Share Tips for Holiday Hosting and Their Fave Recipes

We spoke to the renowned pastry chefs and cookbook authors all about the best holiday baking hacks in their new...

Try These 3 Kitchen Hacks For Healthier Holiday Baking

Healthier baking is possible, when you add fibre and lower the fat content in cakes, squares and cookies. It's just...

Not Drinking Alcohol? No Problem. Add These Drinks to Your Bar Cart

Make gatherings more inclusive with these non-alcoholic spirits, beers and wines, all available in Canada.

10 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Food Waste in the Kitchen

Find yourself with too many food scraps and leftovers? Follow author Christine Tizzard's tips for a zero-waste kitchen.

Natural Fermentation Brings the Flavour Your Meal Has Been Missing

Looking for a way to add more wholesome flavour to your meals? Try Stonemill Bakehouse naturally fermented bread.

Here’s How Long Leftovers Really Last

You may have some leftovers in your fridge right now that can make you sick. Here's how you can avoid...

5 Food Prep Tips for Avoiding Entertaining Stress

Thanks to these food prep tricks, you can relax knowing that you have everything all prepared.

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Celebrate Fall with Wholesome Flavour and Comfort Foods

Fall flavours are something to look forward to each year. Here's how to amp up your favourite recipes.

The Proper Way to Freeze and Thaw Food

Freezing food properly makes a big difference.

Love Eating Fish? What You Should Know About Mercury Poisoning

Fish are a good source of health-promoting nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids. But some types of fish also contain mercury,...