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Home & Business
Manage home, business & rentals


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Maximize your finances & investments


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Mobile & Web app
Home & Business
Windows onlyDesktop app
Desktop app
Desktop app
Manage your money anywhere Syncs with Quicken mobile companion app for iOS and Android, and Quicken web companion app
Free Quicken phone and chat support Premium SupportPremium Support
Manage spending & savings
Automatic download of all transactions
Add manual accounts
Automatic categorization of income & expenses and define custom rules
Create custom income and expense categories
Create tags to group spending across multiple categories
Split transactions to track multiple categories
Manually review new transactions (optional)
Add notes & memos to transactions
Create custom Savings Goals
What-if analysis
Two Different Approaches

Personalized monthly spending plan

Automatically generated based on your income, bills & subscriptions, leaving the money that’s available to spend. Highly customizable and tracks your progress as you spend.


Traditional category-based budgeting

Set amounts for spending in each category. Highly customizable, including ability to set different values each month, rollover budgeting & more.

Simplifi Home & BusinessPremierDeluxe
Create a 1-month budget
Ignore transactions from monthly spending plan
Budget for savings goals
Budget transfers to other accounts
Suggestions based on spending history
Create multiple budgets
Rollover budgeting
Calendar/Fiscal Year budgeting
Track income, expense, debt, mortgage & investments
Checking, Savings & Credit Card Accounts
Loans, Assets & Brokerage Accounts
Education (529) and custodial accounts
Retirement: 401(k), IRA, 403(b)
Track home value
Track net worth
Updated home value with Zillow (1)
Bill management
Track bills & subscriptions
Automatically separate bills & subscriptions
Auto-detect bills
Manually add bills
Alerts for upcoming & unusual bills and when bills are paid
Projected Cash Flow
Download online bIlls from thousands of connected billers
Bank bill pay
Make same day online payments Additional fee, starting at $9.95 per month
Generate check payments to any address in the US Additional fee, starting at $9.95 per month
Tax Planning
Track tax-related spending & Income transactions
Detailed tracking of Taxable & Tax-deferred accounts
Export tax-related data to tax software like TurboTax
Import tax information from TurboTax
Track investing gains & create Schedule D tax reports
Schedule A
Schedule B
Schedule C (Small Business)
Schedule E (Rental Property)
Connect to investment institutions to automatically download transactions Connects to 750 investment institutions; downloads holdings, positions & cash Connects to 395 investment and retirement institutions for Windows (237 for Mac); downloads detailed investment transactions
Add manual investment accounts
Track complete portfolio across financial institutions
Download security prices and history
See change in portfolio value over time
Customize your portfolio view to meet your investment needs
Automatic download of security prices every 15 minutes
Buy/sell tool to model tax implications of planned transactions
"What If" tool for estimating Capital Gains or what to sell
Evaluate individual holdings in ETF/mutual funds with Morningstar's® Portfolio X-ray® tool
Banking reports
Net worth reports
Comparison reports
Spending reports
Basic tax reports
Advanced tax reports
Investing reports
Business reports
Rental property reports
Business & rental property
Categorize & separate personal, business & rental income/expense
Download property values from Zillow (1)
Track Business/Rental Income & Expense with IRS categories
Track Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, P&L & Cash Flow
Email custom invoices from Quicken with payment links
Generate business-related tax schedules for your accountant
Track income & expenses across multiple businesses
Track tenants & rent across multiple properties
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Quicken and Simplifi?

While Simplifi and Quicken offer many similar abilities, such as automatically downloading and categorizing transactions, there are a few critical differences between the two.

The most notable difference is that Simplifi is a web and mobile app, meaning there isn’t a desktop application that needs to be installed. Instead, you can access Simplifi through any supported web browser or download the Simplifi Mobile App to use on your mobile device.

Simplifi is not the mobile version of Quicken — it's an entirely different personal finance app, designed for web and mobile, and is available to use on iOS, Android, and web platforms.

By comparison, the Quicken Mobile app offers mobile access to Quicken data for Quicken subscribers, and the Quicken Web app lets Quicken subscribers access their Quicken data from any computer with an internet connection. You have to be an existing Quicken desktop user in order to access the Quicken companion apps.

For more information on the differences between Quicken and Simplifi, you can see our Plans & Pricing chart or read this support article.

Can you export your Quicken data to Simplifi or your Simplifi data to Quicken?

Both Quicken and Simplifi let you export your transaction history so you can have a picture of your income and expenses.

Can you import transactions into Quicken products?

Of course! For Quicken users, follow these Quicken import instructions. For Simplifi users, follow these Simplifi import instructions.

To download new data automatically you will need to connect your account in the product you wish to continue using.

Can I try Quicken products?

You can try Quicken products for 30 days with our money-back guarantee.

How do I know my data is secure?

The privacy and security of your financial data is a top priority at all times. Quicken Inc. has been trusted by millions for our continually improving security measures for over 3 decades. We securely transmit data from your bank servers using robust 256-bit encryption. The information downloaded from your banks is confidential and used only to update your accounts.

Can I use Quicken products outside of the U.S.?

Simplifi is for the U.S. only. Quicken products are intended for U.S. and Canada subscribers since we are only able to support banks from these regions at this time. For more information on Canadian products, please visit our Quicken Canada site.

Can you share an account with another user?

For Simplifi users, you can share your finances with a spouse or significant other, an accountant, or even a friend, without sharing your login credentials. You can share your Space with one additional member who will have full read and write access to your Simplifi data.

Each member will need to create their own Quicken ID and password if they do not already have one. However, an additional Simplifi subscription is not required — just an invite from you! You need to use the web version to send out invitations and manage user access. Once they’ve accepted your invitation, they can use Simplifi on mobile or on the web.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available for Quicken products.

Can I use Quicken products on more than one computer?

Yes. You can install Quicken on as many computers as needed in the same household. Each installation will be registered to your Quicken ID. For more information, check out this support article.

Does Quicken have a web app?


Simplifi is built for both web and mobile so you can stay on top of your money from anywhere.

Quicken also includes Quicken on the Web, a companion browser experience to your desktop Quicken products. For more information on Quicken on the Web, check out this support article.

What are the system requirements?

For Simplifi, all you need is an up-to-date browser or smartphone with internet access.

For Quicken Windows, Quicken Mac, Quicken Mobile, and Quicken on the Web requirements, check out the Quicken System Requirements.

How are Quicken products different from other personal finance apps?

At Quicken, Inc., we’re committed to helping you manage your finances with the best personal finance management solutions in the US and Canadian markets. We stand above our competition with the most comprehensive and customizable tools available to help you reach your financial goals with confidence, and we back that commitment with a 30-day, money-back guarantee on all of our products.

  • COMPREHENSIVE: Quicken’s suite of personal finance plans can help you take control of your spending, savings, debt, retirement, investments, and even your business and real estate rentals. Get a consolidated view of all your finances in a dashboard that’s clean, simple, and easy to understand.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: See your finances the way you want to. Our built-in features let you customize just about anything — categories, limits, tags, notifications, reports, budgets, and more — for the ultimate control over your finances in a solution that’s tailor-made just for you.
  • TRUSTED: Over 20 million members have trusted Quicken for more than 35 years to plan and grow their finances.

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