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Latest Quicken Windows Release

  • Real-time quotes now available

    For investment customers (Quicken Premier and Quicken Home & Business), real-time quotes are now available. Real-time quotes can be turned on or off using Edit > Preferences > Investments.

  • Track cryptocurrency in Quicken

    Investment customers (Quicken Premier and Quicken Home & Business) can now add and track cryptocurrency the same way as any security in Quicken. A global preference is also available to set cryptocurrency precision of six to eight decimal places.

  • Set up stock options, RSUs and more

    Created the Other Investments option as part of the Add Account feature. The Other Investments option can be used for setting up Stock Options, RSUs, Investment Partnerships, and other manual investments using Quicken Premier and Quicken Home & Business.

  • In addition:

    • Users can now schedule bill reminders for every x days using the Daily frequency option. For example, if a bill comes every 30 days instead of monthly. (Sep 2022)
    • Upgraded the Find and Replace tool in the register to allow you to search using find multiple criteria and replace values. (Nov 2022)
    • The Portfolio Value report has been extended with column sorting and an option to show lot details. This facilitates reviewing investment positions for tax loss harvesting. (Jan 2023)

Previous Quicken Windows Release

  • August 2022:

    • Added Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) tracking in investment accounts, accessed from “Enter Transactions”.
    • Added the ability to duplicate cards on the New Dashboard to filter and view information from different account types.
    • IMPROVED: When the information is available, customers can now download over 90 days of transactions (up to 2 years) from their financial institution when adding an account.
  • July 2022:

    • Update investment quotes and positions without updating/downloading bank accounts.
    • Added the new Investment Partnership security type and asset class designed for tracking venture capital investments.
    • Adding option to append time to a backup file name as well as the date.
  • June 2022:

    • Modify properties of multiple transactions using Edit on transactions screen.
  • May 2022:

    • A new dashboard is available with snapshots including Top Spending Categories, Top Payees, Uncategorized Transactions, Recent Transactions, Investment Top Movers, Portfolio Value, Net Worth, Income & Expense, and Bills, Income & Transfer. This dashboard will be the default for new customers.
    • Added a Don’t update memo when downloading option for customers who do not want their memos overwritten. The option is available under Account Details > Online Services.
    • For investment customers, the graph on the Security Detail View now optionally includes indicators for when the number of shares of the security increased or decreased.

Latest Quicken Mac Release

  • New Home Dashboard

    More powerful Home experience. The new Dashboard allows you to view your key financial information at-a-glance. There are five cards on the Dashboard: Spending by Category, Uncategorized Transactions, Recent Transactions, Top Spending Payees, Income, and Expense.

  • Responsive charting for investments

    New native and more responsive charting for Investment Portfolio that provides a tool for more flexible and comprehensive analysis.

  • Reconciliation reports

    With the new Reconciliation report, you can easily maintain your reconciliation history. You can view or print the report.

  • In addition:

    • Allowing passwords to be displayed as unmasked text when adding new accounts, makes password entry easier (requires macOS 10.15+)
    • Learning Center that helps new users to learn about Quicken and use program more efficiently from the start.

Previous Quicken Mac Release

  • October 2022:

    • The new Sidebar contextual menu options allow user to quickly Hide an Account, make it Closed, or Keep it Separate.
    • Easier to Add Accounts: Now users can add an online or offline account from the same window, then dive into the details. For online accounts, Quicken Mac can determine the account type (Checking, Savings etc.), saving users an extra step.
  • August 2022:

    • NEW Report Customization: Build a report that suits your needs and view your financial data the way you prefer. For example, specify the font, text size, and alternate row color.
    • IMPROVED We have improved the appearance of printed reports.
    • IMPROVED We added a new tooltip for scheduled transactions to indicate how many days until a bill is due.
    • NEW We added new color-coded icons to alert you when transactions are due or late.
    • IMPROVED Our new progress indicator for One Step Update helps you know when the download is complete and your accounts are up to date.
    • NEW We’ve moved the sidebar options into a new Sidebar tab in Preferences. Now you can easily manage the sidebar settings all in one place.
    • IMPROVED We’ve improved support for macOS Ventura (Beta).
    • FIXED We always fix bugs in every release and this one is no exception. We have fixed over 40 fixes for 6.9.0.
  • June 2022:

    • NEW EasyAnswer reports: Quickly generate focused reports to help answer some of the top questions and get valuable information about the state of your finances. Requires macOS 10.15 or later.
    • IMPROVED We now display totals at the bottom of the screen and on printed reports that are more aligned with standard accounting practices.
    • NEW Foreign Bank Accounts Report (FBAR): Easily calculate the maximum balance of your foreign bank accounts within a calendar year. It will significantly help you with your taxes. Requires Quicken Premier or above.
    • IMPROVED Asset Classes in Portfolio: We changed the way securities with multiple asset classes are displayed. Securities with multiple asset classes will display within each relevant asset class alongside a new percentage label that indicates the proportion of the security that falls within that asset class.
    • IMPROVED See the latest market data: When looking at your Portfolio while markets are closed, Quicken will automatically show the price change data from the last trading day. It will then automatically advance when markets reopen.
    • IMPROVED Mutual fund price callout: Mutual fund prices update after markets close. When Quicken identifies a mutual fund, an info icon appears next to the price when the latest price displayed is not from the most recent trading day.
    • IMPROVED Cash in Security: When the funds include “Cash” as one of the asset classes in a mixture, Quicken now differentiates it by naming the asset class “Cash in Security”. Renaming the asset class helps to distinguish between cash as an asset and the actual cash in your account.

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